A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Team Feedback

Repeat after me, “I am not a P.  I am better than average.  I will not accept the minimum.  I am not a P.”  As Type A’s I’m sure this is a morning mantra we all repeat to ourselves in front of the mirror before we start our days in residency and perhaps say to ourselves before we hit the submit button on the platform.  For most of us however, at some point we will receive the dreaded “P” and for the real over achievers the dreaded “HP”.

I know for me I go through several stages when I don’t perform at the level I have set for myself.  First is the feeling like I am going to puke because I am so disappointed in myself.  Then there is the stage where I bang my forehead on the desk in cries of agony, “Why?  Why Professor Anton?  Why me?  Why my paper?  Whhhhyyyyyyyyyy?????”  Okay, perhaps not that dramatic, but you get the point.  Then I move on to the justification.  “Well apparently he didn’t read my brilliant and excellent analysis of X.  If he truly understood X he would have seen I am the best Y since the dawning of time.  It’s not my fault my brilliance has eclipsed even the sun’s rays.  I will wait for the day the reptilian aliens are defeated and the good aliens take over and show that I am an enlightened one.”  Yes, for that brief egotistical moment I sore on my own flights of grandeur, until the reality that I just received the grade from one of Duke’s number one ranked faculty sets in.    SPLAT!  I am now back on solid ground, where I am left with my humility and a less than optimal grade.  Okay, okay, I suck, I f*ed up, I earned a bad grade.  Now how do I fix it?

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Vis-a-vis a Visa

Tuition – check
Insurance – check
Flight booking – check
Visa – ch… What do you mean I have a dodgy passport?

I can’t say I was all that surprised when I first received the visa refusal notice from the UK Consulate here in Shanghai – after all, Filipinos are notorious for playing hide and seek with border control officials in… well, everywhere.

1 in every 8 Filipinos live overseas; Filipinos make up 15% of the population of Qatar! Tropical, pacific islanders preferring to live in the middle of the desert, just so that they can get away from the country! If I were the consulate officer I probably wouldn’t give myself a visa.

Still, if the door’s closed, you just have to try the window. I immediately got in touch with the CCMBA Program Managers and was thoroughly impressed with the way everyone just rallied to this cause. Overnight, I received emails from a lot of people in a lot of different departments across 3 different time zones, sending me documents and “supporting evidence” saying that I am not an illegal immigrant.

It was like an NCLB drive for MBA students.

Suffice to say, what sold me on this program – Team Fuqua – it isn’t just hot air. It’s real, it’s there and I came out of this bureaucratic maze not only with a healthier respect for proper English decorum (Stiff upper lip there! Give it to them straight!), but a profound feeling of humility and pride to be part of such a helpful, supportive Team.

I just hope I don’t flunk that Fin Acc test.