London, Day 1: All Hell Broke Loose!

(OK, so no ‘Hell’ actually broke loose.  For those who know me, Charlie Hunter is probably my favorite musician.  I started the morning off with “All Hell Broke Loose” from the ‘Come in Red Dog, This is Tango Leader‘ album; very avant garde jazz/noise, and if I had to pick a song to represent me right now, this would be it)

All I can say is, “What a day!”

Today, I met all my classmates, starting with breakfast at 9 a.m. (4 a.m. EDT in the U.S.).  Amazingly, I was able to wake up for breakfast without an alarm; there seems to be a lot of technical difficulties in the hotel, one of which was having to rely on the sun to wake me up.  I tried to call for a wake-up call last night, didn’t work.  There is also no clocks in my room, save for the tv which has an LED display too small for me to see with my glasses off.

Because the day was so long, I’m going to bullet point my day.  Pure managerial style here, baby!

  • Made a faux pas at breakfast, guessing at a classmates nationality based on a simple observation.  Note to self:  Don’t do that.
  • The “Passport” game was hilarious.  Basically, a bunch of questions in a small group and you have to find out who represents the answer to the question.  Representing the “White, Male, America” segment, I could only sign the “I know who Rosa Parks is” and ” I can spell Coach K’s name (Krzyzewski FTW!).
  • Picked up a new blogger, Kyle Wei.  Looking forward to reading his commentary, and there’s plenty of spots open for anyone else with something to say.
  • Someone believes I can speak/read Hebrew.  I cannot.  Thanks to whomever was saying that though, it gave me a chuckle every time someone asked.
  • Breakfast had some interesting choices; nothing like deli meat for breakfast!
  • Maria from the Duke support staff says I’m her “favorite student” because of my name being at the end of the alphabet.  Word to that…minimal effort, maximum return!
  • During the after lunch break, they served some heavy foods, such as quiche and some dim sum offerings.  Wow, who was hungry after lunch for something as filling as that?
  • I felt sorry for Tariq, who took something like 30 hours to get from Seattle to London (due to re-routing and delays) and came in to the orientation without sleeping.  Good luck sleeping tonight, bro!
  • Dinner was crazy.  Cuisine from many different nations, including Thailand, India, and Italy.  Eat some fondant cake with the Duke logo on it.
  • Dean Blair Sheppard spoke to the class.  Most of the hour or so he spoke, he did without notes.  Crazy!  And a great speech to boot.
  • Went out for drinks at “Prohibition”, a bar near the hotel.  They definitely don’t break any speed records delivering the pints.  Note to self:  Different bar tomorrow.

Other notes from an ignorant “American”:

  • Google switches the search results based on the country you in.  Amazon defaults to
  • Facebook suggests switching to British English
  • Multi-cultural people don’t like the term “American” to mean “U.S.”  Sorry professor, I’ll work on that.

I’m going to finish off with the quote of the day, which I swore I wouldn’t write (but it is funny as hell, sorry Sarah!):

“Of course I can shoot a gun, I’m a woman from the South!”

Goodnight all, I look forward to meeting everyone else tomorrow…and for those of who I have met, looking forward to seeing if I remember everyone’s names!

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2 comments to London, Day 1: All Hell Broke Loose!

  • So Glad to see you have set up this Blog. Already some interesting back and forth regarding Tom Standage’s viewpoint on why Alcohol is banned in the Islamic faith.

    The Course Commons will have more structured debates and requests for input from CCMBA participants, but this blog will be a fantastic source for peer-to-peer learning.

    Thanks for taking the initiative to set it up