Getting My Mojo On For Valentine’s Day

Today I thought I’d spend a little bit of time going over some emotional marketing techniques…ones that Mojo won’t be teaching us in class.  I got this little idea when I opened up my web browser and Google greeted me with a very emotional story of a little boy who just wants to impress his lady friend as she jumps rope.  What would any little boy do in such a situation? He’d buy his beloved presents using Google to search for just the right gift.  Alas, his lady love was not impressed by these trinkets.  In defeat the young man begins to jump rope beside his lady love and then and only then does she recognize he is the man for her.  Now this is a story that appeals to Google users.  Men desperately searching for things to impress their lady on a day that undoubtedly brings stress to any man in a relationship, and women (at least in theory) really just wants a sweet guy to “jump rope” with.  What did this make me want to do?  It made me want to run a Google search!

Search criteria = Outrageous Valentine’s Day Marketing…see results as follows:

  1. Ladies, if your man orders a pizza from Pizza Hut today and seems to be taking an extra long time with the order, don’t be too pushy.  You know how good things come in small boxes?  Well this year that is particularly true!  Pizza Hut has a Valentine’s day special where the pizza comes with a ruby ring!  Not only that it’s delivered in a limo and comes with champagne, a photographer, videographer, and fireworks show!  How much does your man have to love you to do this for you?  About $10,010 apparently.  Yes…apparently you still have to pay for the pizza.

Siiigggghhh, oh the romance of it all.  I imagine the phone call to my parents would go something like this:

“Mom you won’t believe it.  Mr. Wonderful was ordering a pizza for dinner and for some reason he was taking an insane amount of time to ask for my relatively simple order of a thin crust whole wheat, low fat veggie pizza with extra sauce and half the cheese, no olives and extra hot peppers.  I was giving him a hard time because it’s really not that hard of an order.  He said he had to go pick it up which defeats the whole purpose of delivery.  Then a limo pulled up and he was in it with the pizza.  All I could think was, ‘Jeez, he’s so high maintenance.  Making them drop him off in a limo, with a bunch of paparazzi.  What a diva!’   Then he got out and bent down on one knee and opened the pizza box!  And there was the pizza!  He got the order right!  And there in the middle of my perfectly delicious, fresh, $10 pizza, was a ruby ring!  And Mr. Wonderful said, ‘Baby, I think I got your order right this time!’”

 I’ve thought about that a little too much.  Hmm…not sad…at all.  Sorry, I got carried away in the romance.

2. Gentlemen, lest you thought the marketers forgot about you this Valentine’s day rest assured Hooters always has a little something special for you.  That’s right, Hooters knows how much you like women in short shorts and tight white tank tops, and if you’re a Japanese business man…well…they know how much you love Hello Kitty.  You put those two things together and you have a  winning Valentine’s day promotion in Tokyo!  Gentlemen, there is nothing like this Pussycat Doll.  Hello Kitty in a Hooters outfit…now that’s the stuff dreams are made of.  How can you get in on this erotic offer?  Well, other than the flight to Tokyo from you current locale, you will need to order the “Volcano of Love”.  In return Hooters will give you a pin with Hello Kitty x Hooters.  This is only for the first 1,000 guests who order the “Volcano of Love”.  Gosh, I guess that means time is running out…better get that Kitty!

3.  Lastly, because I love you guys, and this is supposed to be a somewhat serious and useful blog, I figured I’d throw in something that might actually be useful to your marketing education.  And believe it or not it actually has to do with emotional marketing, from a company that has capitalized on it to build the Valentine’s Day empire.  They have a practice they call “The Value Star” and it works a little something like this: Equity, Experience, Energy, Money, and Product.

Click to read more about "The Emotional E's"


As you can see the star has rational (Money & Product) and emotional (Equity, Experience, Energy) components.  The “Emotional Es”, as Hallmark calls them, are what they use to appeal to their customers.  Hallmark has emotional marketing down to a science.  I could try to explain it to you here, or I could empower you this Valentine’s Day to read the full version for yourself.  I’m not copping out, I’m just so in love with my Starbucks’ slides that I have to cut this short to get my groove on.  So here’s wishing you some passionate marketing dreams this evening.




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