Fuqua Application: A Leader of Consequence, conclusion

With the bulk of my essay on paper, it was time to write a conclusion.

I started off slow, wasting the first page trying to outline a leader of consequence, and hinting that I’ve done some ‘consequential’ things to-date.  The second page, I outlined a vision for a socially responsible company.  For my conclusion, I decided to just be blunt:

I aspire to be a leader of consequence.  I have a general idea of what I’d like to accomplish for the rest of my career, and I look to the Duke MBA to help me flesh out the details.  Classes at Fuqua in leadership, ethics, strategy, innovation, and social entrepreneurship will help me learn in short order what I might never learn during a normal career progression.  Fuqua is uniquely positioned as a school founded on ethics and responsible leadership, and I know it’s the school that can help me achieve my career goals.

And that was it.  Here’s an outline of my essay:

  • Famous quote
  • Talk of global financial system
  • Define ‘leader of consequence’ in terms of financial, cultural, and environmental responsibilities
  • Outline past/present ‘global thinking’ in my career vis a vis job responsibilities
  • Talk about short-term career goals in transitioning from direct mail to digital marketing
  • Discuss long-term goal of developing socially-responsible lending institution
  • Conclusion, forcefully stating how/why I am going to be a leader of consequence

Looking back, I feel I could’ve done a way better job with this essay.  But I can say that the struggle to answer this question provided me with a great opportunity to think beyond just getting an MBA for the sake of it, to thinking about a career path using the MBA as method of achieving those goals.

Time to turn in my application, and cross my fingers!

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9 comments to Fuqua Application: A Leader of Consequence, conclusion

  • Randy,

    That turned out to be a fine essay, given the pressure under which you had to write it!


  • AJ

    I think you may have convinced me to give bschool a shot sooner than I expected. I figure it does not hurt to try and apply. How did the GMAT studying process go for you?

  • Shelbry1299

    I have begun my mba application and need help interms of what to focus on for the short answer essay. Maybe I am over thinking this?

    Describe how your overall experiecne both personally and professionally will benifit your peers?

  • Ian Comandao

    hey shelbry, what’s the story? you might indeed be over-thinking. that essay is supposed to be your chance to present yourself as real, three-dimensional person not just “some other” MBA applicant.

    who are you? what are your interests? how have these interests changed your life and how will you use that interest/change to make the program better for yourself and the other students?

    do you like sports of vague/niche/marginal importance? i do. that’s what i wrote about. but for you it might be travel. multiple languages. ability to shotgun a 500ml can of tsingtao. just write about it. why is it important to you? and why should/would others give a damn?

    there are only two words that you need to remember: “keep it real”.

    (for those of you who don’t know who ali g is, i just want to let you know that i can indeed count)

  • I agree 100% with Ian.

    The questions this year are somewhat different than last year, but overall your application has two main goals: show that you are able to handle the coursework, and to differentiate yourself from any other candidate (and thus be “better” as an addition to the class).

    One thing I can say given my experience so far is that everyone in our class brings something interesting to the table, and that extends the learning well beyond anything you can learn in the textbook. Your goal is to figure out what you can provide, and tell the admissions committee.

    Good luck!