Congrats to the Duke CCMBA Class of 2010 (May)!

Duke Fuqua CCMBA graduation 2010

This Monday, the Fuqua School of Business announced on Facebook that the Cross Continent Class of 2010 (May) had successfully completed the CCMBA program.  All classes done, all finals graded…nothing left but to walk across the stage in May to pick up the diploma!

When I saw the Facebook announcement, I felt like I had developed a strange connection to this class.  I’ve met exactly no one from this class, but I do follow a few of you on Twitter (And, I’m quite appreciative of the reciprocity of those of you following my Twitter account!).  So what’s the source of this connection?

The Class of 2010.  In all of our documents, we’re reminded that our class is the Class of 2010d (or, December).  Thus, like twins separated at birth, there are two Fuqua MBA classes who share the same overall title, but yet none of the experiences.  Even if we never meet, we all have the connection of being part of the ‘CCMBA Class of 2010’.  And that connection is a special, and likely rare, one; unless Fuqua decides to dramatically overhaul the CCMBA program (again), there will never be two separate classes that share the same class year.

Maybe I’m trying to make too much of a connection here.  Even so, as the unofficial speaker for the ‘little brother’ Class of 2010d, congratulations to the Cross Continent MBA Class of 2010(m)!


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2 comments to Congrats to the Duke CCMBA Class of 2010 (May)!

  • Roo

    hey there – very informative blog you guys have. thank you for documenting. you mention that there is a group from the class of 2010 graduating in may and another in decemeber. does that mean each graduating class is comprised of two groups graduating at different times and are you arbitrarily assigned to a certain group? thanks

  • Having two classes for the same year only happened because of a program change in 2010…so there was already a class scheduled to graduate in May 2010, and the redesigned program (ours) graduates in December 2010.

    2011 going forward, there is one class that starts in August and finishes in December.